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Who Am I?

What better time to make my introduction to my blog than when I can’t sleep. My daughter is sleeping fine and has been asleep since around 7p. I’ve been dead tired all day hoping she would take a nap so I could too, but finally found myself taking a cat nap of 10 minutes on the couch. (I’ve never been less than a 2 hour nap sort of person!).

Hello! I’m Christine. I’m a new mom of dear E who recently turned 7 months. I’m 32 and spent my life dreaming about getting married around 24, traveling the world, and becoming a mom. Little did I know that life doesn’t always go as planned. Instead I got married at 28 and had my first child at 31. At that point, I felt like I was starting too late! But everyday I am shocked that I am a mom and I’ve kept this little one alive thus far.

I wanted a space to open up about my struggles as a mom and be brutally honest with everything I’ve been experiencing. I want this to be raw. Now, I’m not a writer, in fact I am (or was) a math nerd. I am desperately trying to explore more creative outlets so I can improve upon myself and make cute slideshows, videos, and pictures to document our life. I work full time and provide the insurance for my family…which means quitting is not in sight!

My hope is that my ramblings might help someone out there, but mostly I want things to be better for future moms – especially my daughter. Thanks for finding me.


Jumping in New Zealand