Election Day

Happy Election Day! Is it really happy or nerve-wrecking?

This year I’ve been overwhelmed with the texts, phone calls, ads, mailings, etc. I’ve voted via mail (dropped off at a ballot box since mid-October). I am not saying those ways of outreach are unnecessary. It was just a lot for someone who was registered and finished voting!

That being said – this year’s election is so important to me because I want a better America for my daughter. One where equality can be found, where respect for women exists, where healthcare for all is being talked about. America is a melting pot of cultures and NO ONE except for Native Americans can claim they “own” this country. Therefore there needs to be mutual acceptance of all cultures and people. God bless this country and help us.

Daylight savings

Whoever create daylight savings must have it out for parents.

I used to rejoice at the fall back and having one more hour of sleep, but unfortunately you can’t tell your baby that she should allow mom the luxury of one additional hour overnight. So then somehow moms are supposed to get baby to the new clock only for it to change again within 6 months!

Maybe it’s time we get rid of it!

The Bait and Switch

Welcome to your first night home with baby thus far you have spent hours in labor, evacuated a child out of body, learned a few new things about caring for this little human, starting to feel the pains of recovery, when suddenly you’re sent home.

Our daughter was born at 1.53a after checking in to the hospital around noon the day prior. By the time she came out we were both exhausted, hungry, and in awe of baby. So we agreed to let her spend the next few hours until 7a in the nursery so we could get some sleep. I was ready to pee on my own (had an epidural so the last 2 pees were via catheter) and chow down on something since I wasn’t allowed to eat after the epidural (the nurses did allow me to eat a light lunch, but another nurse lectured me for it especially since I vomited it up – but I would have eaten that and more if I could again). If you have a vaginal delivery in America, insurance only pays for 2 nights in the hospital.

Our first day and night with our child was angelic. She was nursing, quiet, and we would just hold her – still exhausted – and be amazed.

Night two (where depending if you had your child before midnight or after) would already be at home. This is when you can’t figure out why baby keeps crying and suddenly start questioning whether you’re cut out for this new life. All this is occurring where you’re having pains standing, moving, bleeding, needing an ice pack for relief, and haven’t passed your first poop.

That’s what we checked out with the following day – uncertainty, exhaustion, and excitement to go home. From angelic to terrifying – the bait and switch of your child’s expressions.

Why is it “acceptable” in the US to barely allow a new parent to get some rest before they are thrust into their new lives? Why is there not better care for new moms? In South Korea, my friend told me of a postpartum facility that moms go to for 3 weeks after the baby is born where you learn with guidance to become a parent while having meals provided for you. In addition, there are lactation consultants on hand to help you through the extremely difficult road of nursing if you choose to do so. Also this facility helps you focus on recovery – after all your body just went through a huge trauma. In America, if we want help, we have to lean on family, friends, or hired help but our healthcare system just lets us figure it out for ourselves. Did your hospital offer any postpartum courses? In my experience, I didn’t see any options for postpartum only for labor and delivery. What was your experience like?

Who Am I?

What better time to make my introduction to my blog than when I can’t sleep. My daughter is sleeping fine and has been asleep since around 7p. I’ve been dead tired all day hoping she would take a nap so I could too, but finally found myself taking a cat nap of 10 minutes on the couch. (I’ve never been less than a 2 hour nap sort of person!).

Hello! I’m Christine. I’m a new mom of dear E who recently turned 7 months. I’m 32 and spent my life dreaming about getting married around 24, traveling the world, and becoming a mom. Little did I know that life doesn’t always go as planned. Instead I got married at 28 and had my first child at 31. At that point, I felt like I was starting too late! But everyday I am shocked that I am a mom and I’ve kept this little one alive thus far.

I wanted a space to open up about my struggles as a mom and be brutally honest with everything I’ve been experiencing. I want this to be raw. Now, I’m not a writer, in fact I am (or was) a math nerd. I am desperately trying to explore more creative outlets so I can improve upon myself and make cute slideshows, videos, and pictures to document our life. I work full time and provide the insurance for my family…which means quitting is not in sight!

My hope is that my ramblings might help someone out there, but mostly I want things to be better for future moms – especially my daughter. Thanks for finding me.


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