My husband recently gifted me this website (perhaps because I have been hinting at having my own domain). The next question became, what will I do with this space? I plan to use it to display my love of traveling, makeup, skincare, food, and dogs. Hopefully, it’ll be interesting to someone, if not it’ll help me document my memories, products I try, dogs I fall in love with, and food I consume.

Please bear with me as I learn to frame pictures, edit, and learn more. I haven’t used a blog since xanga and back then it was all about the copy-paste html coding and seeing what would look good. I’m not as skilled as many beauty gurus out there, but I enjoy playing with makeup! I don’t know the perfect concoction to skincare and my skin isn’t gorgeous. But hey! I’m human. I have many flaws.

I know the internet is a mean place, but I hope this will be a safe haven for all — especially me!

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